Since I retired from many, many years of working for NYS OMH I have developed a serious passion for bird and wildlife photography.  I am never happier than when I am in the woods or on a beach wandering and taking shots of whatever happens to cross my path.
I have shared my photos with family and friends and have even sold a few.
I have been told that I should try to make money from this wonderful hobby of mine, but I feel that once I place the label of “making money” it will become work and I am so done with working!  When someone does wish to purchase a photo I guess I will consider it a “donation to my gas budget” and that way it will not become work!
Websites and photo blogs by serious and professional bird, nature and wildlife photographers usually show their best work.  That is not my goal for this website/blog. My goal is to share what I see during my wanderings.  I will have a section of what I consider my “best” shots or my most favorite shots, but the main purpose of this page is to share what I see.
 I may not always post photos that are pleasant either, as a part of what I may see is the reality of nature.
All that being said, I do hope you enjoy my beginning as a very amateur website owner/creator and blogger!